Managed Services

Cost effective Managed Service Plans for your business. We can tailor a program to suit your business exactly. Some essential services available are anti-virus, back-ups, updates, help desk and a dedicated IT manager.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are becoming the backbone of modern life on the internet. From offsite storage to hosted PBX phone systems, everything is available on the cloud. Talk to us about how your business could benefit from moving to the cloud.

Printer Servicing, Repairs and Consumables

Similar to your car, regular servicing of your printer will maintain the print quality and extend its overall life. In cases when there is a part or consumable failure, you may need a repair. We have over 20 years’ experience working with all makes and models of printers and will find the solution to your problem. We are an authorised repairer for many brands of printers and multifunction devices.

Computer Repair

We can take care of any type of Computer Repair. Hardware or Software issues can be solved by the team quickly, with a quote provided before any work is begun.

Testing and Tagging

Test and Tag is the name given to the process of checking the safety of electrical appliances. It involves two parts: first visually inspecting the appliance for any damage, followed by electrically testing it with a Portable Appliance Tester.

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

Disaster Recovery and Back-up are critical to any business. They provide assurance that you can get back up and running with minimal downtime.

Hardware Refresh

We can design a complete hardware solution for your business taking care of security, computers, printers, phone systems, networking and all service provider requirements.

Software Installation & Upgrades

MYOB updates failing? Microsoft 32-bit or 64-bit? Trying to install the correct software and updates can be confusing with so many critical pieces of software that seem to be affected by one another. Talk to us about organising an update schedule and getting on top of your systems.

Networking Issues

If you are experiencing slow downloads, internet drop outs, Wi-Fi black spots or any other networking problems, our free networking audit for new customers will be able to find the problem and our team can provide you with a complete solution.

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

Virus’, Malware and Spyware can cause immense stress, loss of productivity, loss of data and in extreme cases destroyed hardware. Don’t let these issues happen to you.

Custom Built Computers

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a CAD worker, or just a Power User we can build the perfect custom machine of your dreams. With access to the latest parts, and a thorough understanding of custom builds we can tailor the PC to your exact requirements.

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Hardware Repair We can take care of any type of Laptop Repair. Hardware or Software issues can be solved the team quickly, with a quote provided before any work is begun.